Frequently Asked Questions

Handling existing Downpipe on the wall

Q) I have a problem of a drain down pipe in the middle of the wall. Do you have anything that could get around the pipe, i.e a method for cutting out a section of the back strengthening bar and joining it around this? 

A) Please find below pictures how to cut the back-end aluminium bar and polycarbonate sheet with a "jigsaw" easily. Some people take away the downpipe first and install the cut-out polycarbonate to install, thereafter, the downpipe to reconnect nicely, but it depends really.  You can put extra silicon or flashband tape afterward. Thanks.


Q) Hi, does it have some sort of guttering at the front or does the water just slide off? 

A) Our front tube itself can be a gutter, when it is open on the top, as the top of the front aluminum tube can be easily taken out like a "tin-cutting", which is shown our installation videos. Otherwise customers put extra gutter at the front end as attached. As for the extra drainage down-pipe at the end corner, you can separately install it with a connector as the same diametre 38mm. We do not provide any extra PVC drainage down pipes. Thanks.

Canofix Logo on the Brackets

Q) We are looking at canopies, I can see some of your images have brackets without the canofix marking. Is this something you can specify?

A) Depending on our bracket sizes (projection size from the wall), we have 'no-logo' or very small logo on it. 

  • 1000mm projection brackets has "No-Logo" at all. 

  • 1270mm brackets also has no Cut-out of Logo. 

  • 1500mm brackets has very small logo on it, compared with previous version as below.

LED Lighting

Q) LED lighting strip please.

A) We do not provide specific aluminium strip for LED lighting anymore as we provide only Canofix canopy manufacturer. Hopefully you can find any LED strip and lighting locally or by internet easily to install your lighting under the Canofix canopy nicely.​​

Size, Dimension, Weight, etc.

Q) What are the sizes of canofix projection from wall?

A) Please find the below photo that shows all different sizes of brackets.

Q) The support bracket flange is 260mm long for the PC1000, at what centres are the holes for the raw bolts?

A) Two holes for anchor-bolts on the bracket feet, at 75mm from the top, 80mm from the bottom of the bracket foot. . (Please find the Bracket drawing file below, PC1000). 

   Bracket Templates 

Q) We are interested in buying a Canofix canopy 1500x2000.  This would be fixed to a hardwood beam which we are suspending between two parallel walls. So as to specify the correct size of beam, please would you provide the following information:

  • The weight of the canopy complete with brackets.

  • The height of the brackets at the point they meet the fixing surface.

  • The length of the fixing bolts.

A) For the 1500mm (deep) x 2000 (wide or long)mm Canofix canopy, it could have 2 or 3 brackets on the wall depending on your wall condition, but we normally send 3 brackets. 

  • Total weight is around 25kg in total. 

  • Bracket feet height is exactly 275mm as attached pics. (On the other pic, it read as 260mm or 280cm but it is accurately 275mm)

  • Anchor bolts size is around 90mm long, and going into the wall around 47mm deep into the wall. For this anchor bolt, you need 14mm drill bits. 

Q) What would the supplied front and rear pipe lengths be (need to get any joint to fall on the support bracket centres)?

A) We provide the plastic couplers (connectors) which should be connected under the brackets so not to be seen. We cut every bars(pipes) exactly at the centre of the brackets.  Intervals between the brackets are also any sizes, but normally not more than 1500mm distance.

Q) Some of your illustrations show a small overhang passed the support bracket on each end of the canopy, is this the norm if so what is the length of the overhang permitted?

A) Normally we pre-cut, with notchings for end-bar for you at 50mm overhang but again this is very flexible as you require depending on your wall condition. This flexible fixing is also one of our product beauty. If customer requests, we do not cut the notches for the sake of bracket location on site.

Distance from a gas boiler

Q) From your impressive photo gallery I am interested in a Canofix canopy but still to decide on the length, as I am not sure how close / how far away from a gas boiler (the exterior) balanced flue pipe it has to be. This (house) wall has the flue pipe rising up towards the gutter, but I know there must be a min distance clearance of? Many thanks.

A) Basically Canofix canopy (sheet and brackets) is made by Polycarbonate, which is very special solid and robust plastic, normally used in very hot weather conditions such as Dubai, or in very cold weather in Iceland etc, selling very well without any problem. No melting issue at all. There is no minimum distance we recommend on this matter. We believe this should be okay in a reasonable common distance on site. 

Water Dripping

Q) Can you please help me with this problem...water from the middle bracket seems to fall straight on our grill which results in water splashing on inside the covered area. Is there anything that I could add to the front of the canopy so water fall straight down? 

A) I think the front bar aluminium connection point is inside the front bracket. 

Thus the front bar, sheet and bracket should be more tightened together, hopefully with the self-tapping screws if you have some. 

Please fix the self-tapping screw at the front end of brackets as shown in the picture below, to tighten the sheet, bar and bracket together not to rattle, especially for the central bracket where the bars connected.

Or while you open the bracket top, can you put extra tape(flash band type) to the connection point( on top of plastic coupler) 

to make the two aluminium tube together tightly.