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Canofix canopy  Overview

Canofix Canopy Bracket Overview

Bracket Type & Size

Canofix Door Canopy Bracket Type and Size


Canofix Door Canopy Components

Installation Procedure

Canofix door canopy installation procedure


1. Decide on the fixings and Locating the Brackets on the wall.
Canofix door canopy installation step1

We provides robust 14mm Anchors (Rawl bolts, 2 anchors a bracket) as the left-hand side picture above. Depending on wall types, some of customers use 90mm M8 stainless stell "coach bolts" with M8 penny washers, in order to bush out the space between the bolt and the bracket's fixing holes, pls use PVC insulating tape (also please use tape on the drill bit to measure the depth of anchors).

Canofix door canopy installation step 2

Firstly assembling the brackets into the canopy's aluminium back-plate extrusion (notched area) and then transferring each hole's centre line as a pencil mark onto a piece of easy-to-handle strip of wood. From the hole lines, pls mark on the wood to then add centre line mark. (Hold the bracket on the wall at the planned height in several places to check then use your piece of wood to check if things are centred over your planned location.)

2. Fitting and Assembling the whole unit
Canofix door canopy installation step 3
  1. Positioning the aluminium back plate in place with notched area. (Ensure the canopy is not too close to any boiler vents. Note that no door or window can foul it.)

  2. Interting the middle support tube and front bars through each bracket's locating hole in balanced position with rubber hammer.

  3. Putting in place the polycarbonate sheet by inserting it into the very end of back plate over the brackets and then slide/ fit the sheet into the front bar to be secured.

  4. Securing each bracket's clamp with the stainless steel hexagon nuts and bolts supplied.

  5. Putting in place the PVC gasket strips at the edge of polycarbonate sheet end trims and support tube end caps.

  6. Screwing the bracket top from the top of the middle bar, through the bracket top, sheet and middle bar altogether tightly using supplied selfscrews, especially at the edge two brackets each not to rattle.

Answer to FAQ

  • Apply Water-proof Sealant on any possible gaps at the edge of walls just in case if applicable.

  • Larger than 1500x 4000mm sized Canofix, we recomment "extra-supporting side bars" on the walls at each end, which is optional.

  • Front bar can be detachable by any plier easily on top of the bar (shaped as carved lines) to use itself as "Glutters".

  • Installation job for longer sheet (+5M long) might need 2-3 people to lift the 1 single long sheet together, possibly taking 3-4 hours to install completely.

  • Connectors of the front bar should be placed with sealant "before Slotting" into the front tubes.

  • Pls don't forget to fit the Pvc gasket(trim strips) at the two edge of sheet and always fix with "supplied Self-screws" on top of brackets tightly as the last step.

  • Please feel free to contact us further for Stand-alone 3M projection size with posts fitting for Shelters, Car ports, Strorage shed, Kiosk, Green house etc.

Canofix Door Canopy 3rd Party Durability Test Report
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