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CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS (Customer Reviews for Canofix Door Canopy)

CANOFIX Canopy 1000x3000mm Grey-Clear Walkway 1.png
CANOFIX Canopy 1000x3000mm Grey-Clear Walkway 2.png
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 15.30.48.png
CANOFIX Door Canopy 1500x3000 Grey Clear
CANOFIX Door Canopy 1500x3000 Grey Clear
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.21.55.png
CANOFIX Door Canopy 1000x4500 Grey Clear
CANOFIX Door Canopy 1000x4500 Grey Clear
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.31.19.png
Canofix Door Canopy 1
Canofix Door Canopy 2
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.33.55.png
CANOFIX Door Canopy 1270x6000 Grey Bronz
CANOFIX Door Canopy 1270x6000 Grey Bronz
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.45.34.png
CANOFIX Door Canopy 1000x3000 Black Clea
CANOFIX Door Canopy 1000x3000 Black Clea
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.50.40.png
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.54.40.png
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.59.21.png
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.58.51.png
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.59.13.png
CANOFIX Door Canopy 650x1500 Black Clear 2022.jpeg
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 15.51.25.png
CANOFIX Door Canopy 650x1200 Black Clear
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 16.58.22.png
Canofix Garden Patio Canopy
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Screenshot 2019-08-22 at 11.11.34.png
Canofix Door Canopy Grey Bronze

Photo attached as promised, and a few more of our new Canofix canopy that I installed this weekend.


We were given the old canopy about three years ago, it was brand new but as you can see the twinwall polycarbonate was not very UV resistant and had yellowed, cracked and split. The arms were also badly weathered and had turned powdery, which is why I started looking for a replacement and subsequently found Canofix.


Installation of the Canofix was very straightforward, and quite within the means of any competent DIYer like myself. The bronze sheet is a lovely colour and goes really well with the rest of our house, it also softens the sunlight perfectly. As we don't get much sunlight in winter it will be great to replace it with the clear sheet, and also a good opportunity to clean the unit thoroughly too, so Thank You very much for supplying us with the extra sheet at a reasonable cost.

Anyway, I hope the feedback is useful, overall the Canofix product is very good indeed and I am looking forward to many years of service from it,


Thank you and regards, Craig.

Canofix Walkway Canopy 1270mm

Product Name: Canofix Canopy PC 1270x9000mm

                                                 (Grey bracket, Clear sheet)

"Thanks for your help. All installed now. Really happy with the product." - Stephen

Canofix Door Canopy PC 1270x4000 Grey Cl
Canofix Canopy For Walkways 1
Canofix Door Canopy PC 1270x4000 Grey Cl

Thought I would send a quick review and some pictures of my 4 metre by 1270 canofix canopy.


Easy to install, however it does need to of you to 'feed' the perspex from one end to the other! But easy with 2 people.


As you can see I have now built a gate at the end of the canopy so that we have an extra secure covered area for cycles etc.


I would definitely recommend this product.


kind rgds Neil.

Canofix Canopy For Walkways 4

Thought that you would like to see this!  It has just been put up - in the rain - and I think that it looks great - just what I need in order to get from the back door to the small garage door  without getting wet!  So now I’m ready for Winter!  - Jennifer

Canofix Walkway Canopy 1500mm 1
Canofix Walkway Canopy 1500mm 2

" This is our 6mx1500mm canopy we have had for about 6 months now. "Absolutely does what it says on the tin" - perfect for our walk-way at the side of the house. It is on a windy corner as there is just fields beyond it, and has now seen heavy rain and last weekend's snow. I would 100% recommend these to anybody.


I put up the brackets by myself with no issues (average 48 year old guy), and took 3 of us to slide the plastic in from the side with no problems. Most important thing - My wife is happy! "    - from Keith

Canofix Door Canopy 650mm

Product was delivered promptly. The wall fixings were supplied which made installation much quicker than having to source the parts separately. The rear metal channel had the notches ready cut to fit over the mounting brackets which sets the spacing between the brackets properly. The installation guide was quite helpful however I would recommend using a piece of 2" x 1" wood 3 metres long (local DIY store supplies this cheaply) as a template into which you can mark & drill the holes for the mounting screws. This will make things much easier as you can use this as a template for drilling the wall holes more accurately & will also allow you to ensure that all the holes will line up with brick for a good solid fixing rather than between them in the mortar. Do as suggested & use a spirit level. Check & recheck your levels & make sure that any opening doors or windows will not be fouled by or hit the canopy (I held one bracket against the wall & adjusted the height until I was happy all was well before I began the drilling). Once one hole is drilled the wood can be fixed temporarily at one end then levelled up to ensure all your holes are on one level & spaced properly. The completed installation looks professional & stops the weather nicely. Though not suggested some clear silicon sealant between the wall & the rear metal channel will ensure a totally weatherproof seal. - Mr. M. K

Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 15.15.02.png
Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 14.47.28.png
Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 15.10.07.png
Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 14.48.24.png
Screenshot 2019-01-30 at 10.19.19.png

"The order came very quickly. It was so easy to assemble and install. It looks great. And, when I made a mistake with the delivery postcode, one quick email and it was all sorted. And, as it was going to a non-residential address, the delivery firm phoned the building manager to tell her of the delivery and she was there ready for it. What brilliant service. Many many thanks."

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