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A customer's 5-star review on the CANOFIX.

A customer's 5-star review on the CANOFIX.

"Photo attached as promised, and a few more of our new Canofix canopy that I installed this weekend.

We were given the old canopy about three years ago, it was brand new but as you can see the twinwall polycarbonate was not very UV resistant and had yellowed, cracked and split. The arms were also badly weathered and had turned powdery, which is why I started looking for a replacement and subsequently found Canofix.

Installation of the Canofix was very straightforward, and quite within the means of any competent DIYer like myself. The bronze sheet is a lovely colour and goes really well with the rest of our house, it also softens the sunlight perfectly. As we don't get much sunlight in winter it will be great to replace it with the clear sheet, and also a good opportunity to clean the unit thoroughly too, so Thank You very much for supplying us with the extra sheet at a reasonable cost.

Anyway, I hope the feedback is useful, overall the Canofix product is very good indeed and I am looking forward to many years of service from it,

Thank you and regards, Craig."

For more, check out the link.

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