PC : Polycarbonate
1000 : depth (mm), 4 brackets in 1.5 metre intervals (span).
4500 : length (mm), 1 single 4.5 metre long polycarbonate sheet.


All 1000mm Brackets have No logo on it.

This item includes 4 brackets, 1 single 4.5 metre long polycarbonate sheet, supportive aluminum bars and all the fixings.

*Solid polycarbonate sheet is always UV protected(Sun block) in both sides.

*UK local delivery included.
*The shipping cost to EU is estimated.
*VAT isincluded.

*Polycarbonate Bracket 1000 (colour: Black or Grey)
Polycarbonate Sheet (colour: Clear, Light Bronze)

For installation, canofix.co.uk/videoguide 

PC 1000 x 4500

£480.00 Regular Price
£429.00Sale Price
Bracket colour
Sheet colour
  • Quantity * Part name (size : mm)
    4*Polycarbonate Bracket 1000
    1*Polycarbonate Sheets (955 x 4500 x 2T)
    3*Aluminium front fixing 38Ø Bar (1500)
    3*Aluminium rear fixing 55 Bar (1500)
    3*Aluminium extra support19Ø Bar (1500)
    4*STS - 6mm Hexagon bolt & nut
    2*PVC CAP 38.1
    2*PVC CAP 19.1
    8*Galvanized Steel-Set Anchors
    4*Galvanized Steel-Drilling screw
    2*PVC Gasket