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PC : Polycarbonate
1270 : depth (mm), 4 brackets in 1.33 metre intervals (span: you can choose anywhere, any span you want !!!)
4000 : length (mm), 1 single 4 meter long polycarbonate sheets.


All 1270mm Brackets have NO LOGO CUT-OUT on it.
PC 1270-4000 canopy is ideal for a big size door or garden entrance. It features light weight, durability, and reasonable price as well. The Canofix DIY door canopy is quick and easy to install.  No breakages, water leakage or cracks.

*Solid polycarbonate sheet is always UV protected(Sun block) in both sides.

*UK local delivery is already included.

*VAT is excluded.
*The shipping cost to EU is estimated.

Polycarbonate Bracket 1270 (colour: Black or Grey)
Polycarbonate Sheet (colour: Clear, Light Bronze)

*For installation, please find the link,

PC 1270 x 4000

£519.00 Regular Price
£449.00Sale Price
Bracket colour
Sheet colour
  • Quantity * Part name (size : mm)
    4* Polycarbonate Bracket 1270 (260 x 1220)
    1* Polycarbonate Sheets (1220 x 4000 x 2T)
    3* Aluminium front fixing 38Ø Bar (1333)
    3* Aluminium rear fixing 55Ø Bar (1333)
    6* Aluminium middle 19Ø Bars (1333)
    4* STS - 6mm Hexagon bolt & nut
    2* PVC CAP 38.1
    4* PVC CAP 19.1
    8* Galvanized Steel-Set Anchors
    8* Galvanized Steel-Drilling Screw
    2* PVC Gasket, End trim

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