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5 Best Ideas of Using the Extended Space Under Canopy

Check Out Various Ideas of How the Extended Space Under Canopy Can Be Used!

CANOFIX ® provides LIGHT, EASY and ROBUST structure polycarbonate cantilever canopies in any BESPOKE sizes up to 30 metres long with one single sheet in QUALITY and up to 1.5metres deep from the wall, opening and clamping the Bracket top, locating brackets at any SPACE you want!!!.

CANOFIX ® are Suitable for: Front Door Canopy, Windows Canopy, Covered Walkways Canopy, Garden Doors Canopy, Garden Shelters Canopy, Storage Sheds, Car Ports, Conservatories and Much More! Delivery within 2-3 working days!!! Delivery cost and VAT are already all inclusive.

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