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Ask Jeff A Question - Customised Size?

Ask Jeff A Question - Customised Size?

Q) Hi can you supply a canopy to a exact length I haven't measured yet but know that it is more than 6 metres and less than 6.5 meters or will I have to order a 6.5 meter and cut it down on site also would it be possible to send me a sample of the bronze polycarbonate

Many thanks


A) Dear Peter,

Good afternoon. Thanks for your enquiry on Canofix canopy.

Regarding the canopy length, we can cut the bespoke sheet accurately for you, any size 6333mm etc.

Yes, you should select 6500mm standard size, to leave a message of your exact measurement, for us to cut, with the same price, no extra cutting cost.

We have 4 different bracket sizes: 650, 1000, 1270mm and 1500mm.

For example, please find the below links:

As for the colour of the sheet, we have Clear or Light Bronze. To be honest, the light bronze sheet is much better in the longer term without getting much dirty, making a shade with UV protection, and looking elegant, seeing sky through.

Please find some reference pictures below.

Delivery time is around 2-3 working days. Thanks and best regards, Jeff.

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