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Create a Safe and Comfortable Kindergarten Yard with Our Exceptional Polycarbonate Canopies

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Create a Safe and Comfortable Kindergarten Yard with Our Exceptional Polycarbonate Cantilever Canopies

Transform your kindergarten playground with CANOFIX® - the ultimate solution in polycarbonate cantilever canopies.

Our lightweight, easy-to-install, and durable canopies are uniquely designed to accommodate bespoke sizes up to a remarkable 30 metres long in a single sheet, making them perfect for creating a safe and inviting environment for children.

🎓 Ideal for Kindergarten Yards: Our satisfied customers have used multiple sets of CANOFIX® canopies to surround their kindergarten yards, providing shade, shelter, and a comfortable space for outdoor learning and playtime.

📏 Extraordinary Length: Benefit from our impressive 30-metre long canopies, offering extensive coverage for your educational and outdoor spaces.

🔧 Customizable Setup: Enjoy the flexibility of our canopies, featuring up to 1.5 meters deep from the wall and an adjustable bracket system to position your canopy exactly where you need it.

💡 Versatile Applications: In addition to kindergarten yards, our canopies are perfect for shop entrances, large covered walkways, expansive carports, outdoor shelters, and more, providing ultimate protection and style for any space.

Upgrade your kindergarten playground experience with the unparalleled length and quality of CANOFIX® cantilever canopies. Order today and create a safe and comfortable environment for your students with our exceptional canopies!

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