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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Versatile Polycarbonate Cantilever Canopies

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Our Versatile Polycarbonate Cantilever Canopies, Perfect for Various Applications

Brighten up your outdoor space with CANOFIX® - the ultimate solution in polycarbonate cantilever canopies.

Our lightweight, easy-to-install, and durable canopies can be installed with lights to create a welcoming atmosphere during the night. Designed for a variety of purposes, our canopies provide a flexible solution for your unique needs.

💡 Lighting Enhancement: Add a warm ambiance to your space at night with the option to install lights on our versatile canopies. Illuminate your shop entrances, kindergarten yards, carports, outdoor shelters, and more, creating a bright and inviting environment.

🔧 Customizable Setup: Enjoy the flexibility of our canopies, featuring bespoke sizes up to 30 meters long in a single sheet and 1.5 meters deep from the wall, along with an adjustable bracket system to position your canopy exactly where you need it.

💡 Versatile Applications: Our canopies are perfect for shop entrances, large covered walkways, expansive carports, outdoor shelters, and more, providing ultimate protection and style for any space.

📐 Innovative Design: Our canopies are designed to accommodate 90° angle external or internal walls, with two polycarbonate sheets meeting under a 45° diagonal aluminum plate and a 90° metal connector holding the front bar firmly.

Transform your outdoor area with the unparalleled versatility, quality, and illumination offered by CANOFIX® cantilever canopies. Order today and explore the endless possibilities for enhancing your space with our adaptable and well-lit canopies!

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