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Looking for an Over Door Canopy for Your Font Door?

Check out this beautiful CANOFIX Canopy PC 1000x1200mm.

PC : Polycarbonate

- 1000 : depth (mm), 2 brackets in 1 metre intervals (span).

- 1200 : length (mm), 1 single 1.2 metre long polycarbonate sheet.

PC 1000x1200 canopy is ideal for a small or medium size door entrance. It features lightweight, durability, and reasonable price as well. The Canofix DIY door canopy is quick and easy to install. No need to use silicon or to weld. No breakages, water leakage, or cracks.

*Solid polycarbonate sheet is always UV protected(Sunblock) on both sides.

Contact us for more info.

T +44(0)208 949 3815, +44(0)776 9652 237

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